I was 2-0 in my predictions yesterday as the Wizards (-9) finished off the Magic 96-80 and the Hawks (-6) took care of the Timberwolves 117-105. I am now 90-77 on the season. There are only 5 games being played tonight and I think all of the lines are too tough to pick. I will […]

Uggghhh. There were a number of upsets last night (Cavs over Knicks, Nets over 76ers, Raps over Jazz, Pacers over Bulls, and Timberwolves over Spurs) and unfortunately I was not bright enough to pick any. My season record to date now sits at (9-14) for -6.40 units. A light schedule tonight as there are only […]

Philadelphia 76ers Betting

Last night I succumbed to a betting fallacy that I swore to avoid, betting on your favourite team. Twice this season I have picked the Raptors to beat the spread, but both times they have faltered. It is tough to be successful betting on your favourite team because you know too much about them. You […]

San Antonio Spurs Betting

After taking last night off I am back tonight with a couple of sharp plays in some games that the oddsmakers expect to be tight. The season record still sits at (2-1) for +0.9 units. Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards Toronto actually came up in the clutch against a better than expected Minnesota team last […]

Minnesota Timberwolves Betting

After starting off cold with my Raptors pick I caught a little fire with my two picks for last night. Minnesota beat Washington by a ton, and Portland thumped Cleveland by 20 points. Going 2 – 0 is always nice, hopefully my streak can continue. The season record now sits at (2-1) for +0.9 units. ___________ […]

Minnesota Timberwolves Betting

The Raptors did not come through for me last night losing an embarrassing one in Philadelphia. Not off to a great start, but I will hopefully turn it around tonight with two strong plays. The season record to date is (0-1) for -1.10 units. Minnesota Timberwolves @ Washington Wizards Minnesota is arguably one of the […]

Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat I expect this series to be somewhat similar to Miami’s previous series against the Bulls. Lots of optimism behind the Bulls initially but that wavered very quickly. We’re hearing a lot of similar BS- The Mavericks have such a deep bench, the Mavericks play as a team, the Mavs are […]

A few more prop bets that might be of interest, thanks to Bodog.com Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat Odds to win the 2011 NBA Finals MVP I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that if the Miami Heat win the NBA Finals Lebron James will win the playoff MVP trophy. […]

The Boston Celtics are the only team to sweep their first round series, who would have guessed that? Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic Orlando has been getting excellent production from Dwight Howard, but is getting a whole lotta nothing from the rest of the squad. The Magic have picked a terrible time to fall into […]

Wow! Memphis continues to surprise everybody with a big win against the Spurs. New Orleans also stole a fantastic one from the Lakers. The big question is- can they do it again? Memphis Grizzlies @ San Antonio Spurs In their first game Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol both caught fire and dominated the Spurs. After […]