I was 1-1 in my predictions yesterday as Boston (+7) lost at Atlanta, but only by 4, 109-105, while Golden State (-13.5) did get the victory over Orlando, but only by 1, 98-97. I am now 37-27 on the season. I like 2 games on the slate this evening. Chicago Bulls (11-7) @ Charlotte Hornets […]


I was 3-0 in my prediction yesterday as the Spurs (+2) beat the Cavs 92-90, the Clippers (-5) cruised to a 114-90 victory over the Magic, and the Hornets (+2.5) lost, but only by 2, 88-86 at Indiana. I am now 26-18 on the season. I like 1 game on the schedule tonight. Chicago Bulls […]


I was 1 for 2 yesterday as I was correct on the Bucks (-8) over the Sixers but I was wrong on the Clippers (-11.5) over the Lakers as the Clippers did get the win but only by 7. I’m now 6-2 on the season. I like 2 games this evening, the first day of […]


I was correct in my prediction last Thursday as the Pistons defeated the Bucks 94-80. Today I like the Nuggets-Bulls match-up. Denver Nuggets (36-46) @ Chicago Bulls (48-34) Nuggets: Additions – Guard Aaron Afflalo (via trade from Orlando), Center Jusuf Nurkic (draft rights acquired from Chicago), Guard Gary Harris (draft rights acquired from Chicago), Guard […]


  Yesterday’s record: 1-0 Playoffs Record: 5-13 This month’s record: 33-56 Final Regular Season record: 299-300 One correct and one push yesterday. I’ll take it. I like 2 games being played this evening.   #5 Washington Wizards @ #4 Chicago Bulls – Game 5 – Wizards lead 3-1 Series Results: Game 1 – Wizards 102 […]


  Yesterday’s record: 1-1 Playoffs Record: 3-4 This month’s record: 31-47 Final Regular Season record: 299-300 I nailed the Grizzlies-Thunder game but didn’t see coming the Clippers 40 point win over the Warriors. I like all 3 games being played this evening.   #8 Atlanta Hawks @ #1 Indiana Pacers – Game 2 – Hawks […]

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  Yesterday’s record: 1-2 Playoffs Record: 1-2 This month’s record: 29-45 Final Regular Season record: 299-300 So, my record was 1-2 yesterday. Interestingly enough though of the 4 games that were played yesterday 3 of the winners were road teams. Something to keep your eye on as these playoffs continue to unfold. I like 2 […]


  Yesterday’s record: 0-2 This month’s record: 20-28 Previous month’s record: 63-65 Season to date record: 291-285 Yesterday I went against my first instinct on both picks and the result was 2 incorrect predictions. It’s frustrating because my season to date record is suffering as a result of this downturn in predictions. I’m only giving […]


  Yesterday’s record: 1-2 This month’s record: 1-2 Previous month’s record: 63-65 Season to date record: 272-259 A 1-2 record yesterday is not the start of April that I was looking for. I’m going quantity over quality this evening with the 11 games I like. Boston Celtics (23-51) @ Washington Wizards (38-36) Facts for Thought: […]


  Yesterday’s record: 2-2 This month’s record: 60-60 Previous month’s record: 45-48 Season to date record: 268-252 Yesterday’s .500 day of predicting obviously didn’t help or hurt my monthly record but I was looking for a 3-1 or 4-0 day. I don’t have a lot of time today so I’m just going to list the […]