NBA Betting Predictions March 6th

The Los Angeles Clippers didn’t win the game last night, but they did beat the spread, adhering to my prediction.

My season record to date now sits at (28-37) for -11.70 units.

Orlando Magic @ Charlotte Bobcats

As a Toronto Fan sometimes I think that I have it bad, cheering for a stupidly managed team that trades away any good young talent it has, but then I look to the Bobcats and feel much better. For somebody who knows as much about basketball as Michael Jordan he sure doesn’t know how to build a successful team. Currently, Charlotte is on pace to have the worst losing percentage in the history in the NBA. 4 wins so far this season. 4 damn wins! Orlando has been decent after the break and I expect them to continue this decency. They certainly don’t have to play their greatest game to thump the worst team in the league. Assuming Orlando doesn’t miss all of its three balls I cannot see Orlando coming anywhere close to losing this game.

Play: Orlando Magic @ -9 (

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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