NBA Betting Predictions March 22nd

My season record to date now sits at (39-50) for -15.00 units after going 2 and 0 last night. The Knicks and Wizards really brought their A games thankfully.

Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks

College basketball starts up again tonight, so I doubt many people will be that excited about watching a Celts Bucks game, but who knows. The Bucks look to continue their hot streak with the Ellis Jennings combo. Who knew Ellis could pass? I certainly didn’t. I’m surprised that he’s been so effect, but I guess his success thus far indicates the potential for a change of scenery. I’ve been riding the Knicks hot streak with a lot of success recently, so now I figure I’ll follow the Bucks too. Jermaine O’neal is now out for the season and the Celtics are a team looking for some kind of infusion of energy. They won’t get it tonight as the Bucks will run them out of the building.

Play: Milwaukee Bucks @ -3.5 (

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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