NBA Betting Predictions March 16th

My season record to date now sits at (35-46) for -14.60 units after the Jazz notched me another win last night.

Did you see Baylor’s jerseys yeterday? The neon green colour was just crazy.

Indiana Pacers @ New York Knicks

Mike D’Antoni stepped down before the Knicks last game against the Trail Blazers citing irreconciable differences with management. What a mess the Knicks are in, they have all this talent, but they can’t win any games. Their best run occurred when both Stoudemire and Anthony were out. However I think the Knicks will have the typical post-old coach success for at least another game or two. They thumped Portland and I think they’ll bring it again tonight. I think the Pacers game will be close, but the Knicks will try their hardest for at least another game or two, for new coach Woodson.

Play: New York Knicks @ -4 (

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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