NBA Betting Predictions March 10th

Last night my predictions went pretty well going 2 and 1. I picked San Antonio before it was released that Tony Parker was going to be absent for the game… obviously tough for SA to win without Parker, especially this season.

My season record to date now sits at (30-43) for -16.30 units.

Utah Jazz @ Chicago Bulls

Taking the Bulls at home is one of the easiest picks one can make. Throw in the fact that they’re playing the Jazz and not many further questions need to be asked. Utah isn’t great at away games and Chicago is phenomenal at home, I definitely like the contrast. After losing a close game to the Orlando Magic the Bulls will be looking to throw some vengeance down on somebody- the unfortunate victims will be the Jazz tonight. Chicago does have some injuries (Rip, Deng, and CJ), but as long as Rose is still playing they will have enough strength to beat the Jazz.

Play: Chicago Bulls @ -11 (

Charlotte Bobcats @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Betting against the Bobcats feels like a second nature thing to do this season. Despite their marginally better play of late, they actually beat Orlando a few games ago, the Bobcats are still the laughing stock of the league. With Boris Diaw now demanding a trade, and being benched until such a date, this weak team is even weaker. Diaw is always overweight and often doesn’t seem to give his best effort. However, he has a lot of talent and can make a huge impact from game to game- not having him play hurts the Bobcats in the short term. Lucky for the Bobcats the short term doesn’t matter, because they are engaging in tankapalooza 2012. The Thunder lost their last game at home, their second loss at home all season. I think they come out with a desire to destroy the Bobcats and let their fans know they don’t take kindly to losing on their home court.

Play: Oklahoma City Thunder @ -16.5 (

Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are hoping Curry can return to full health sooner rather than later, but his injury woes this season have been debilitating. Coach Jackson thought they would make the playoffs, but I really can’t see that happening anymore. Dallas will take care of business on the road, handling this poorly constructed Warrior’s team. I don’t think Dallas will destroy the Warriors, but they’ll eke out a win in the end.

Dallas Mavericks @ -3.5 (

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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