NBA Betting Predictions January 24th

Wow! I guess I was wrong about the Celtics, apparently they still have a little left in the tank. Without Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo they still kept the Magic to 56 points. 56 points in the entire game. What an embarrassing effort for the Magic.

My season record to date now sits at (9-11) for -3.10 units.

Orlando Magic @ Indiana Pacers

After last nights horrific loss the Magic are going to come out strong. I expect this game to be very tight and go right down to the wire. Indiana is off to its best start in a long while and if they win tonights game they go to 6 – 0 at home. I love the scoring dynamic on the Pacers and how on any given night 7 of their guys are probably going to be in double figures. I guarantee they won’t finish any games this season with 56 points. The pacers match up well with Orlando and while Orlando wont’ be as bad as last night, they won’t be able to beat this new Indiana team. Orlando is a team that relies heavily on their 3 points shooting and if last night was the start of a an ugly slide I would suggest staying away from betting on Orlando for the next little bit. Ryan Anderson went 0-4 from downtown last night. It might just be an off night or it might be the start of a slide.

Play: Indiana Pacers -3 (

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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