NBA Betting Predictions January 21st

The NBA finally made sense last night, with both of my predictions coming true. Chicago crushed the Cavs and Orlando handedly took care of the Lakers.

My season record to date now sits at (7-9) for -2.90 units.

Dallas Mavericks @ New Orleans Hornets

Dallas has been playing much better of late and despite being an older and slightly worse team. I blame mainly the addition of Vince Carter for this worsening. The Hornets without Eric Gordon just simply aren’t very good. Even when they had him they weren’t exactly magnificent. While this game won’t be pretty, Dallas will come out on top. Bet on this game, but definitely do not watch it, there’s zero taglines to make it very interesting. The last time the two teams met Dallas won by 15.

Play: Dallas Mavericks @ -5.5  ( for Americans)

 Oklahoma City Thunder @ New Jersey Nets

Russell Westbrook just re-upped for a spiffy new contract, hopefully silencing all the conspiracy theorists thinking that him and Kevin Durant can’t successfully coexist. The proof is in the record, and apparently Durant and Westbrook can coexist quite nicely. I actually thought New Jersey would be a better team this year, but for whatever reason they just aren’t clicking. Deron Williams is trying to do almost too much for this team, because he needs to.

Play: Oklahoma City Thunder @ -7.5  ( for Americans)

Written by: Dylan Stephenson

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Written by: dylan

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