NBA Betting Predictions April 30th. Playoffs!

My season record to date now sits at (55-69) for -18.80 units after the Celts dropped their first game to the Hawks. Josh Smith dropped 22 points and 18 rebounds, which is pretty tough to recover from if your the Celtics.

Orlando Magic @ Indiana Pacers

Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert are not going to shoot quite as poorly as they did in the first game. Both players are just too good to keep up such abysmmal shooting in two consecutive games. After getting a rude awakening in game 1 by the Magic I expect the Pacers to come out strong. Tonight will be a vengeance game for a solid Indiana team, in other words, I wouldn’t want to be in Orlando’s shoes tonight.

Play: Indiana Pacers @ -9.5 (

Written by: dylan

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