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Hey Guys,

Thanks for visiting the site.  My name is Niko and I’m a sports betting fanatic who bets on everything from NBA basketball to ATP tennis.  I have wagered with every online sportsbook you will find listed at our site and have a good relationship with each of them.  Like I said I’m an avid sports bettor, but that doesn’t mean I trust myself to handicap games from every sport.  I personally cap NHL hockey games and you can find my predictions at my other website NHLBettingTips.com.  For NBA games though I place my trust in other experts who know more about the sport than me.  That brings me to Jeff P. the writer here at NBA Betting Predictions.

Jeff P.

I brought Jeff on board this year because he has had a lot of success betting on the NBA in recent years and has a great easy to understand writing style that really gets his points across and provides you with the reasons why he is backing a specific team.  This writing style allows you to either agree or disagree with Jeff on his points and in turn his picks for the game.  Knowing Jeff and his past NBA betting experience I expect you to be agreeing with him the majority of the time.  Check out Jeff’s daily picks and follow him throughout the season.

Don’t hesitate to contact either me or Jeff with any questions or concerns you may have.