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In addition to our daily NBA betting predictions you will also find a wide variety of other NBA betting information that will help you earn a profit betting on NBA games.  Check out our NBA betting sites section for our top rated NBA sportsbooks and take a look at the NBA betting tips page for some general tips that can be applied to various NBA betting situations.

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About NBA Betting Predictions

Our NBA Picks

I give out free NBA betting predictions on a daily basis for those looking to bet on NBA games.  My goal is to turn a profit over the course of the NBA season and I have been successful in doing this for the past several years.

You will find that I most often bet the spread on NBA games, but I will also throw in some moneyline or over/under wagers on occasion if I see value.

Understanding the Predictions

I use American odds when doing my NBA predictions and on bets with chalk we will be betting to win 1 unit, while on plus money bets we will be risking 1 unit.  For example if the odds are -105 we will risk 1.05 units to win 1 unit, while if the odds are +120 we will risk 1 unit to win 1.2 units.  The NBA prediction record for the season is calculated based on this method.

You can find the record for the season at the top of every NBA prediction post.  This will include the win-loss record for the season as well as how many units we have profited.

Many NBA handicappers will show a profitable record when they are actually losing money.  I cannot do this because all of my past picks can easily be found right here on the website in past posts. Keep your eyes open for handicappers who only show their win-loss record or only show their record for a portion of the season because they are likely losing handicappers.

If you are new to NBA betting, check out our NBA odds page to learn how to read the odds and then visit our NBA betting options page to see what kinds of wagers are out there for NBA bettors.

Once again record for this 2012-13 NBA season can be found at the top of every post. A running tally will be kept throughout the season so you can see my ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs).